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Aren’t you fed up with false alarms?

Using this 3D system, you will never again suffer from the multiple false alarms you experienced when using 2D image analysis, infrared sensors and other types of sensors. No matter where you are, even overseas, your smartphone will only receive messages of actual alarms.

When an actual alarm is received, you will be able to immediately check real time images of the location where the cameras are installed using your smartphone as well as a video of the moment the sensors reacted.
The recorded video shows the period from 10 sec before to 10 sec after the moment the sensors reacted.

In addition, you will be able to verbally threaten the prowler with your smartphone in your own voice through the speakers built into the 3D cameras on-site.

And even if you are in a situation, like a meeting, etc., in which you are unable to raise your voice, don’t worry. With a single touch, you can chase the prowler off of your property by choosing one of ten different menacing audio recordings. If that fails to drive them off, then contact the police with the images in your smartphone as very powerful evidence.

Construction site Surveillance

1Construction site surveillance

Our 3D camera system prevents the theft of materials, heavy machinery, etc. at construction sites. The 3D camera system does more than simply record videos. When the system detects trespassers and suspicious vehicles, it activates external devices and reports abnormalities to your smartphone. In locations lacking power or an Internet connection, please use our stand alone 3D camera system with built-in solar panels.

Rail way crossing

2Detects trespassers at railroad crossings

Our 3D camera system shows its true power outside. The system detects people and vehicles remaining inside the crossing area moments before a train comes, and emits a contact signal.  At crossings equipped with a crossbar, our 3D camera system activates as the bar is lowered and detects people remaining within the tracks.

Wrong way detection


Detects movement against the flow of traffic

The system accurately detects vehicle movement against the flow of traffic on expressways, one-way roads, etc. unaffected by obstructions such as vehicle lights, rain, snow, etc.

3D bus passenger counter

4Argos 3D Counter counts people on and off the bus. Stereo camera and an exclusive 3D people counting algorithm to capture three-dimensional images, and count people with much greater precision.  3D Counter further provides distance and height measurements that easily distinguish people with different heights, and sense whether the objects are moving toward or away from the camera in the depth dimension.

 Marketing analysis


Argos People Counting Solution using the common interface of Argos Saviour software, one intelligent video surveillance system delivers high accuracy, real-time counting metrics and customer service metrics. In greater integration and flexibility, the solution can help store managers to achieve better marketing efficiency and get more visitors’ engagement.

All real-time accurate video analytics data can be easily accessed and sent to back-end system for further detailed analysis, or remote viewing on mobile devices, which truly save the efforts of store management.

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